n e v e r o d d o r e v e n

Acrylic on organdy
3.5’ x 11’ ft

n e v e r o d d o r e v e n is a large scale, double-interleaved, book, made of fabric, hand painted and hand-stitched/bound. Unlike standard books – or, perhaps more similarly in scale and material, scrolls – the double-interleaved design means that the work folds outwards from the center to the left and the right, and to the top and bottom. Hand-painted across the semi-transparent fabric pages is the palindrome phrase ‘never odd or even’, mirrored vertically so that it can be read regardless of which side (left, right, top or bottom) you are reading from. The phrase implies that it is a fraction, as no whole number can be neither odd nor even. The sentence is separated into its individual letters which are distributed in pairs across the pages. Only when the book is closed and all pages interleaved is one able to read the sentence from beginning to end in entirety. When the book is completely open, to the center spread, it is blank.

Viewers are encouraged to leaf through the work. They can pull the pages as far to the opposite end as they please, leave some hanging, close one side entirely, leave another partially open, layering, building et cetera, a myriad of possible combinations, compositions and words as they arrange and re-arrange, and create a new  message–and work–for the next viewer to engage with and re-arrange again.