Specular Diffusions (2018) begins with two sheets of mirrored paper hung opposite one another and then photographed, respectively. The work was created as a series: two ‘mirror images’’ were taken at each hour, for 24 hours. The photograph captures the environment as it is reflected in the sheet, but because of the fragility and malleability of the material, the reflection is reduced to that of light and color. This image is then printed onto a new mirrored sheet, whose materiality is visible through lighter areas of the image. This image printed upon the mirrored sheet is then mounted to glass: the substrate mirror is flat and smooth, thus becoming more mirror-like than the originating subject.

With each operation the work simultaneously moves away from and begins to loop back to its original materiality. The layering of the mirror-image onto the mirrored surface also contains dual temporalities and sites: that of the time and place where the work was created, and of the ever-continuing present time and current place.

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