Specular Diffusions

presented at ThirdBase
Lisbon, Portugal
16 December 2018 - 18 January 2019

70 x 110 x 20 cm each
UV print on two-way mirrored film, glass, steel

Specular Diffusions is a series of 24 diptychs. Each diptych presents two corresponding photographs taken over a 24-hour period, with two photographs per hour. The photographs are of two silver, semi-mirrored sheets which were placed at the entrance of my studio, with one sheet tilted towards the exterior and the other inwards. These photographs were then printed onto semi-transparent, two-way mirror film and subsequently mounted to glass. Because of the inherent quality of the mirror film, traditionally used to mediate sunlight in office spaces, wherein the intensity and opacity of the reflection, and which side of the film produces the reflection, varies depending upon the angle and intensity of light, and thus time of day (whichever side has stronger, more direct light will be more reflective). In the blown out areas of the photograph-reflection, the image falls out and the two-way mirror film is visible, creating a composite of the current place and moment of viewing the work, and the trace of the time and place when the work was created.