Lulu Wolf is an artist based in Lisbon, via New York and Los Angeles.

Wolf’s practice evolves from an exploration of the relationship between the image of a material and the materiality of an image through photo-based work, as well as sculpture and video.

Her process often begins with the abstraction or obfuscation of the subject as a means to generate multiple readings, encouraging the viewer to create the bridge between the recognizable and the ambiguous.  The work pursues the ways in which a close examination of a singular moment or detail can serve as a tool for a continuous inquiry of such concepts, and how seriality can amplify this revealing.

What I aim to encourage with such repetition is a questioning of perception and attention. Through repetition, the objective becomes mutable and the minor becomes profound.

Like Beckett’s strategies of permutation, by reiterating the particular and repeating the same vocabulary (or image) over and over, the subject is both reduced and expanded. With each revisitation one begins to read oneself, and to read one’s previous readings; at once being broken down and built anew. When I say read, I mean see.

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