At the foundation of my work is an interest in materiality, temporality, visual translation and perception of images, environments, and time. These concepts are often layered over one another, and explored through serial iterative processes which delve into the range of varied subtleties latent in an image and material.

Lulu Wolf is an artist based in Lisbon.

She was in New York before this, and Los Angeles
before that. 

instagram: @luluwolf

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Every translator becomes aware, in the course of his task, that, apart from idiomatic locutions, the 'From’ language has a certain number of constantly iterated words which, though readily translatable, occur in the 'Into' language far less frequently and less colloquially. Through long use, these words have become mere pegs or signs, the meeting places of mental associations, the reunions of related notions. They are tokens of sense rather than particularizations of sense.

Vladimir Nabokov, foreword to Mikhail Lermontov’s “A Hero of Our Time”