Every Flag Waves the Same

2018 – ongoing
UV print on acrylic
dimensions variable

Every Flag Waves the Same is an ongoing series of sculptures made from a sequence of still frames from videos of flags waving at protests, parades, etc. outside banks, government buildings, homes, gas stations etc.. Shown here is a work produced from a video recorded in the spring of 2019 in Rio de Janeiro, during a protest against potential budget cuts in public education. The flag is from the Movimento Correnteza, a leftist student movement founded in 2016 following the national unification of the former Rebel in UNE.

Stills from the video are extracted and printed onto flat acrylic sheets which I then heat-sculpt, striving to recreate the original three- dimensionality of the flag in motion. This process is complicated by inherent disadvantages; the basic limitations working by hand, the complexity of recreating such a highly ephemeral material in motion, and the impossibility of reproducing such a sliver of a moment when working with an image of such a moment, with its own perspectival losses.

Like the sculptural process itself, the representational intentions and signifiers of a flag, the aspirations of the entity it is representing (a political movement, a demand, a country, a people), its network, become increasingly illusive and complex the further one delves; the supposedly singular message breaking down and splitting off as one moves closer.