Cut of Water

UV print on acetate
20 x 310 x 150cm

A photo of a tide washing upon a shore is consecutively magnified by 1% per sheet, progressing further into the image until reaching a point of magnification wherein the image is reduced to a single pixel.

This sculpture can be read two ways: as a precise, rectangular, volumetric extraction of a body of water, whose form echoes the uniquely paradoxical materiality of water: a deep, dark and dense mass composed of lightness and transparency. At the same time, the materiality and seriality of the sculpture also parallels the form of analog film. Each acetate sheet is a frame, layered one over the other like a flip book, zooming into the image and through the body of water. Though the piece is not meant to be paged-through like a traditional book, the bottom right corner alludes to the depth and magnification below the surface... the mystery in a deep body of water. The “shot” begins above, incrementally nearing the surface until, at an imperceptible point, it is penetrated and the perspective is immersed in the image and the body of water, finally arriving at the singular building block of the image (the pixel) and the subject (a single molecule of water).